Autochess just released its biggest update since release! But makes it unplayable

Vignesh Raghuram

26o, Feb, 2019

Image Credits: Amaz

Dota Autochess just added three new heroes to its roster and has reworked a ton of abilities, classes to refresh the meta.

Autochess’ developers, Drodo Studio have also included a forfeit ability wherein players can terminate the game within the first two rounds if more than half the players vote to do so, using the ‘early termination’ button.


Unfortunately, the new patch also came with a report function which has failed spectacularly making the game, unplayable for streamers. Autochess players have abused this option to ban popular streamers like Amaz, Alohadance, former Queen ranked player: GN_GG, Cloud 9’s professional Korean Hearthstone player: Ddahyoni amongst many others.

Players also initially reported that the game was broken when the update was released. Players couldn’t get themselves into a game even after queueing for 15-30 minutes. However, a hotfix update which was rolled out later has seemingly fixed the issue.
Are the new and reworked heroes any good? Here are our ratings

1. Riki

While Riki adds an interesting mechanic which can be abused in high-level play with Concealment (other players cannot view which pieces you have sitting on the bench), the hero feels very underwhelming with his 0 armour and negligible damage. It even makes it hard to see your own bench.

So unless you run a 9 Assassin composition, there’s very little reason to pick up a Riki. It really is just a meme, if we’re being honest.

Our rating: F

2. Mirana

Another hero which has 0 Armour, Mirana would be quite a good hero if her Arrow hit enemy units on your board. Unfortunately, because of a bug (or a feature) the Arrow travels to whoever you are "fighting" on another board, making it very unreliable.

While she’s still quite a good pickup considering her class and race (Hunter Elf), she’s still not a top-tier hero in this game.

Our rating: C

3. Death Prophet

Death Prophet is a very underwhelming unit when compared to other 5 gold heroes like Tidehunter, Lich, Enigma or even Techies. She too has zero armour and has very low attack damage. Since she has to survive the enemy assault for her ultimate’s damage to kick in, she can’t frontline making her a very mediocre 5 Gold hero.

Her Undead class bonus, however, makes her quite a lucrative pick. If she can be paired up with other CC centric heroes, Death Prophet might just become viable in some strategies.

Our rating: B

4. Slark

Slark has just become a really good Assassin. His Shadow Dance, which was quite a bad spell, by all accounts has been replaced with Pounce which disarms and silences the opponent hero. The gold required to purchase him has also dropped from 3 to 2 making him one of the better units in the game.

With the new buffs to the Naga race in the earlier stages, Slark might just become one of the most valuable assassins in the board.

Our rating: A

5. Alchemist

Alchemist’s new spell, Chemical Rage which replaced Acid Spray might have left the hero a tiny bit worse as a utility pickup but has made him a brutal frontliner. He deals a crapton of damage with a ton of attack speed while regenerating his health.

While the loss of an AOE Armour reduction spell is quite a significant nerf, with just 1 or 2 Armour/Damage items, a single Alchemist can solve all your frontline, single-target damage issues.

Our rating: A