ASUS ROG India Employs ex Beyond Infinity, Invisible Wings and Entity Gaming players to form ROG TiTans

Nishant Patel

6o, Oct, 2017
In what seems to be a first in Indian esports, ASUS ROG India has employed some of India’s most recognized professional Dota 2 players as ‘Esports Gamers’ who will now compete at tournaments under the banner of ROG TiTans. The five players that have been employed are:
  • Harsh ‘Archmage’ Shah – Position 1
  • Jeet ‘Swifty’ Kundra – Captain and Position 2
  • Darshan ‘A35’ Bata  - Position 3
  • Ketan ‘Evil Ash’ Goyal – Position 4
  • Bari ‘ZeDisBuGG’ Anwar – Position 5
This move comes shortly after A35 claimed victory at the Dew Arena 2.0 with Aggressive 5.

Swifty parted ways with Entity Gaming when the team shifted base to Manila and has now teamed up once again, with former Beyond Infinity teammate ZeDisBuGG, who had announced his retirement in September last year.
This isn’t a conventional team sponsorship by a brand and while it does raise some questions about conflict of interest, Bharat Ravindran – Notebook Product Manager at ASUS was quick to clarify some of our queries.

Speaking to AFK Gaming about this move, he says,

“We are not  picking up a squad, we have employed them as employees in the company and their job is to play Dota 2 with official reporting to me. From today, they are normal employees of ASUS India with the designation of Esports Gamer”.

When asked about the training facilities of the player, Bharat commented,

 “We will have an international standard boot camp with all the latest equipment by the end of this month. It will be very near to the ASUS head office, they will stay in the bootcamp and play there.”

When asked about the potential conflict of interest and the team’s ability to participate in non ASUS sponsored tournaments he said,

“Yes, they will participate in all events with no restrictions. The only job I am giving them is to play Dota 2”.

The squad has already qualified for the upcoming TE Gaming Cup 2017 Main Event under the name Size35. The ROG TiTans will also be starting their journey through the Starter division of the ESL India Premiership with hopes of making it to the Winter Season LAN due to take place later this year.