Artifact debuts at PAX West

Vignesh Raghuram

1st, Sep, 2018

Valve’s first original game title since Dota 2’s launch in 2013, a trading card game called Artifact, is slowly being rolled out into Beta. PAX West attendees will be getting a chance to play the game, and figure out how the new game’s matches will work.

For those unaware, Artifact, is a tradable card game which takes place in the Dota 2 universe, and was designed under the guidance of, Magic: the Gathering’s creator, Richard Garfield, who will also be appearing at PAX West's Artifact booth today and tomorrow.

Gameplay footage from IGN revealed what we can look forward to when the game launches later this November and has provided some clarity on how the game actually works.

Artifact features players drawing five hero cards at the start of each match to do battle against one another in three different lanes. 

Each match starts with three hero cards randomly placed across each lane, along with three creep cards. Players will battle each other in 3 lanes, and each lane has its own Tier 1 tower. Upon destroying the Tier 1 tower, The Tier 2 tower emerges with twice the hitpoints. The first player to destroy two towers in Artifact wins. So players can either aim to destroy two Tier 1 towers or break an entire lane’s tower setup.

Currently, there are four types of cards: blue, black, green, and red. Spell cards and hero cards must be of the same color to be used in a lane. Players expend a lane’s mana to use spell cards. Killing an opponent’s creep or hero earns gold, which can be used to purchase item cards.


Artifact is also said to expand upon the lore of the Dota 2 universe with new voice lines for many heroes and expansive storytelling through cards and other elements of the game. Valve said there are currently over 280 cards in Artifact, 44 of which are hero cards. This number will be increased via expansion packs which will be released later on.

Artifact is all set to launch on Nov. 28, 2018 for PC, Mac, and Linux for $20 and will have a beta sometime in October that's currently only available to select Valve insiders, The International 8 attendees and people who try out the game at PAX West. Artifact will launch in iOS and Android devices sometime in 2019.



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