Artifact Beta: Coming Soon?

Vignesh Raghuram

27o, Feb, 2018

It’s been almost 6 months since Artifact was announced. Since then, there have been zero announcements from Valve. But this week, for the first time since the announcement, the website has been updated. The changes are minor: no new information, screenshots or video. Just the Artifact logo.

This comes days after Brandon Reinhart (believed to be the Artifact Project Lead) made a comment on a post on the Artifact subreddit about one of the steam appids on the steam database (Assumed to be Artifact) suddenly dropping to zero players.

This post came just after several Dota 2 personalities(SirActionSlacks, Luminous, Capitalist, SUNSfan, Leafeator), Stancifka (Heartstone Pro Player), heffaklumpen (arguably the best MtG player in the world) were spotted playing the unknown steam game at the same time Valve made player counts of unlisted steam apps, hidden.

Could it be that Valve has opened up the closed beta phase? We already know that several prominent Dota 2 personalities including SirActionSlacks, Day[9] and Virtus Pro’s Hearthstone team have played the game in the alpha stages. Perhaps, this expansion of the player base confirms that the Artifact team is passing out beta passes to major Dota 2 community members.



What do we know so far about Artifact?
  1. The game will have three lanes. While viewing the entire map (with all three lanes) is the default view, each lane can be viewed separately by zooming in.
  2. There are several types of cards, which are tradable (Probably through the community market): Hero Cards, Item Cards, and Improvement Cards.
  3. Upto 5 Hero Cards can be played at once, Hero cards will contain hero abilities which can be cast during the course of the game. (Like Axe casting Battle Hunger)
  4. Item Cards can be purchased with Gold and equipped with heroes.
  5. Improvement cards are cards like barracks that push creeps down lanes.
  6. The Game also contains a massive expansion of Dota 2 lore.
  7. The game is expected to release “in 2018”


What would you like to see from Artifact?