An update from the ASUS ROG Masters Qualifiers

Shounak Sengupta

30o, Jul, 2017
The ASUS ROG Masters are on in full swing and is one of the few top tier esports tournaments with this much focus on esports at the grassroots level. With the competition being divided across multiple phases and sub phases, things might be a bit hard for spectators to follow but don’t worry, we got you covered.

We already covered how Entity Gaming chose to play in the Philippines Quals and have managed to qualify for the same.

The competition started off in India with mini LANS happening at cafés across the country. 16 LAN’s provided 16 winners who then played out a single elimination bo3 bracket online for a spot in the South Asia LAN finale. This LAN finale will comprise of 4 teams from India and one each from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka making it a total of 6 teams per game. Let’s see where we stand at this point:
Dota 2


Team Signify

This newly announced Dota 2 squad will be at their first major LAN in August when they will play at the South Asia Qualifiers. They stomped their way through the Mumbai café LAN and then paved their way across the online phase into the LAN. A slight hiccup in the finals against Bangalore’s Go Figure wasn’t enough to stop them and they took the series 2-1 to secure their slot. They will start in the Upper Bracket at the LAN.
The Council

The Council has been Bangladesh’s most successful Dota 2 team for a long long time and it’s no surprise that they have managed to qualify for the LAN as well. They too had a easy road in the Open Qualifiers, dropping just a single game in the finals to reach the LAN.
4 teams from Sri Lanka are battling it out at a local LAN and the winner will be flying down to Bangalore for the LAN. Joining them will be 3 more teams from India (the top 3 from the Open Qualifiers).
Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Xtreme Lungiz

This CS:GO squad from Bangaldesh have been playing with each other for a long time but have never really found any success outside the country. They will have to dig deep at the South Asia Qualifiers if they are to have any shot of winning it.

Eternal Esports

Hellranger and company have had a rough year in 2017 and are yet to reach the level that they are expected to play at. With the addition of Ameterasu, their squad certainly looks sharper and deadlier. They took down Kolkata’s JMD Gaming in the finals of the India Quals #1 to secure their slot at the LAN.
As is the case with Dota 2, 1 team from Sri Lanka and 3 more from India will also be making their way to the LAN.
The South Asia Qualifiers will be taking place in Bangalore on the 18th of August.
The format is a double elimination bracket with bo1 WB games and bo3 LB games. The country wise winners will all start in the WB as will the team who finishes first in the India Open Quals. The 2nd and third placed teams will start in the LB. The prize pool for the entire event is 10,00,000 INR and breakdown is yet to be announced. 
Image Credits:ASUS ROG India