An Interview with TNC Eyyou at ESL One Mumbai

Vignesh Raghuram

29th, Apr, 2019

During the recently concluded ESL One Mumbai, We spoke with TNC’s latest recruit and new captain, Nico "eyyou" Barcelon to speak about his time in Entity Gaming, his experiences in India, and how TNC is approaching the upcoming Epicenter Major qualifiers.


Gfreak: Hi Eyyou, welcome to ESL One Mumbai. How are you doing?

Eyyou: Very fine.

Gfreak: So you will not be competing in the upcoming MDL Disneyland Major, how are you going to prepare for the next Minor/Major?

Eyyou: When we get back to the Philippines, we’ll take a break for 1 or 2 days and then we’re planning to go back to the bootcamp, keep on practicing until the next Major Qualifiers.

Gfreak: You were a coach for TNC Predator before, now you’re a player. How has your obligations changed?

Eyyou: At the start, I was trying to be an analyst, not their coach. Giving them information against their upcoming opponents and trying to analyze what’s good for them as well. After a month, I became their coach and did some usual coaching.

Gfreak: Do you watch CS:GO? How do you think Dota will be impacted if tactical pauses are introduced?


A little bit, not too much.

It will have a very big impact, I guess. You can pause during the clashes and such, if they’re going to allow it. Dota is a split-second game, there’s a lot of things that can happen in split seconds. So there’ll be a big impact if they allow it.

Gfreak: Before and After TNC, you played for an Indian org: Entity Gaming, can you tell us something about your experience there?

Eyyou: Entity Gaming… It has Indian management but its bootcamp was in the Philippines, so I’ve never been here before. The management treated us all well, they tried to give us whatever we need, as much as possible.

Gfreak: So this is your first time to India, what are your impressions?

Eyyou: The climate here is almost the same as the Philippines, its kinda hot. But the food, it’s just so very spicy and that's my weakness. So I am having a hard time here right now. *laughs*


Gfreak: What has been your favourite part of India so far?

Eyyou: We haven’t roamed around since we’ve got here, we only walked around the mall yesterday. So I can’t really tell.

Gfreak: Let’s talk about the meta a bit, what do you think are the best support heroes in 7.21?

Eyyou: I guess the Jakiro, its a really good hero. It’s like, you aren’t going to depend on your items so just having the boots is fine and Nyx Assassin, I guess. It will force you to change your strategies.

Gfreak: What do you do when you’re not playing Dota?

Eyyou: When we are not playing Dota, we’re playing Dota *laughs*

Gfreak: Do you like the crowd out here?

Eyyou: Yeah. The crowd here is almost the same as the Philippines.

Gfreak: Any thoughts for your fans who’ve been cheering for you outside?

Eyyou: It’s very overwhelming that they welcomed us like that. It’s like we’re their home team as well. So we feel very grateful for that.

Gfreak: Do you watch Game of Thrones? How do you want the season to end?

Eyyou: Yeah, I am a fan. I am not sure what I want, because there is a lot of conspiracy right now so I am not really sure.

Gfreak: Who is your favourite character?

Eyyou: I guess, Bran. I really like that guy. Even though it's kinda boring for him, he has a lot of skill so it’s like Dota.

Gfreak: Thank you so much. Good luck for making it to TI9.

Eyyou: Thank you.



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