An Interview with MVP FoREv - "We stfu and play"

Nishant Patel

21o, Jun, 2014
We caught up with MVP.Phoenix's FoREv for a few words as they prepare for the Play-In Series at TI 4.

Hi FoREv, thanks for giving us some of your time! How excited are you to be a part of the first Korean Dota 2 team to make it to The International? 

FoREv :
Well, I am very honored. Since we are the first team to be there we want to give a good impression of the Korean Scene.

MVP.Phoenix has taken the world by surprise. I remember standing in for a scrim versus your team about 3 months ago and I'll admit, the MVP we saw at the TI qualifiers looked far more polished and refined than the one I played against. What kind of training regimen did your team follow prior to the qualifiers?

FoREv : 
We stfu and play.

Lol. Moving forward, how are your preparations going for the play-in series?

FoREv : 
We are trying many things and it's not going so well. But we will figure out a way to win :)

Who do you think will be the toughest team to beat out of Team Liquid, CIS Game and

FoREv : 
VP looks like the toughest team. I think they are very very good.

There are a lot of mixed opinions about Team Zephyr's move to Korea. Some people seemed to think that Zephyr were stifling Korean Dota's growth by playing in a league below their skill tier. Others feel that Zephyr acted as a catalyst for the scene's skill level. What are your thoughts on this?

FoREv : 
I think both


Both Titan and Arrow Gaming are confident about making it to Top 8. As someone who has played against them on multiple occassions, do you think that they have it in them?

FoREv : I am very sure that they can make it to top 8 as well.


On that note, what are your predictions for top 3 at this year's International?

FoREv : 
DK, Alliance and Na'Vi.


One of MVP's strenghts is your innovative and often unpredictable drafting pattern. Which hero, in your opinon, has been overlooked by the meta?

FoREv :


Who is Lee Sang Doon when not 'FoREv'?

FoREv : 
It is Lee Sang Don not Doon and I am a media producer and I own a studio :) I used to be a rocker! LOL


Is this your first visit to Seattle? Is there anything in particular that you are really looking forward to?

FoREv : This is my first visit to Seattle, I want to play some US West and East ranked games :)


Any shoutouts?

FoREv : Shoutout to PKF.JYU


Thanks for the interview FoREv! Here's wishing you and the team goodluck :)

FoREv : Thanks!


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