ALPHA Red fight through the lower bracket to qualify for the Asia Minor Championship - Berlin Major 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat

24th, May, 2019

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The SEA Closed Qualifier for the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 came to an end today with Alpha Red making its way through to the Asia Minor Championship after their heroic run through the lower bracket came to a fantastic end.

With a total of 8 teams being a part of the closed qualifier, four direct invites and four coming through the regional open qualifiers, it was an intense clash between some of the best SEA teams.

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ALPHA Red, one of the direct invites was here because of its recent performances in events such as COBX Masters 2019, ESL One Cologne - Asia Qualifier & ESL Pro League Season 9 - Asia Qualifier.

The Thai team has recently seen immense growth and has put up some dominating performances against teams who were at one point far better than them. This is mainly attributed to their teamwork, especially their synchronised executions while playing T-side.

Run To The Asia Minors

After a shocking defeat to Team Maple in the Quarterfinals, the team had to really pull hard to make it to the finals.

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They met AOES in their first lower bracket match-up. Though many suspected this to be easy pickings for Alpha Red, AOES was in no mood to go down easy. Even after a first match thrashing of 16-6 on Inferno, the team's confidence didn’t even flinch. They hit back on Train to take the series into overtime. Alpha had to really concentrate hard to claim victory on Mirage.

The next two games against Beyond Esports and Team Maple were straight up ‘2-0’ sets. Taking down their hometown rivals and getting their revenge ALPHA Red was gearing up to be quite the opponent.

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Lucid Dream was the final hurdle on their way to the finals, one which was bound to be a tough series. Lucid Dream being one of the event favourites and hot on their streak after qualifying for DreamHack Masters Dallas looked really strong.

As expected the series went down to the final map on Overpass but ALPHA Red seemed to be a bit more prepared on the map as they claimed victory with a decent lead over and claimed the derby match-up.

Making its way through the lower bracket ALPHA Red went up against B.O.O.T-d[S] who in recent times have been playing really well, so seeing them in the finals felt great. Conceding an early defeat, ALPHA recovered well on Inferno and then moved on to claim Dust 2 in the deciding map as well.

With this, ALPHA Red have qualified on to the Asia Minor Championship scheduled to take place from 24th-28th July.

Authors Note

ALPHA Red claimed victory after a gruelling and pressured three full days of CS action. Olivia who has been the MVP for the side for a long time pulled off another great performance, the team seems to be pivoting around his plays and adapting according to his comfort.

Image Credit: HLTV

No complaints about it as long as it pays off but I doubt this is a great way to move forward, as this might not be viable when going up against teams like Tyloo or MVP PK.

Once again their well-timed executions and the overall team game has been phenomenal which is quite the surprise since the team is sort of dependant on Olivia for making the plays.

Let’s see how the team performs in the final test. Will Olivia be able to deliver the heavy blows against the much bigger teams? Or do they have something unexpected for the big boys?


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