Alliance survive the Gauntlet in Group D

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, Nov, 2018

Image Courtesy: Alliance

With Virtus Pro putting in a stellar performance to qualify for the Upper Brackets. The competition for the other upper bracket slot for Group D heated up with Alliance, Forward Gaming and paiN X all vying for that place.


Alliance vs paiN X


In the losers match of Group D, Alliance had a much tougher time against paiN X. Game one was an hour-long brawl in which Alliance jumped into any and every fight they could. paiN Xhad a much stronger strategy and tried to pick their battles more strategically. But against such a hyper-offensive mindset and their lack of success in initial conflict, their strategy fell flat in the end.

The next match slowed down a lot, but still managed to finish nearly 20 minutes faster. The shift in speed really seemed to help Alliance and their methodical approach as they were able to better manage each fight and control the flow in their victory.

The lower bracket was on the horizon for the loser of the final match and Alliance weren’t having it. They decimated paiN X in just 26 minutes to book a showdown against Forward Gaming to see who would join VP in the upper bracket.


Alliance vs Forward Gaming


Game one was a pretty decisive victory for Alliance, but before they could lock down the second game, Forward Gaming took advantage of a few miscommunications. Those few moments flipped the entire game around for Alliance as they evened the matchup at 1-1.

In the final game, Forward Gaming again took an early lead, but Alliance were focused on the late game. When the match reached about 30 minutes, it was clear that planning for the final stretch was paying off in spades. By 36 minutes, Alliance secured their win and an upper slot in the main event.



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