Akramaks take the win against Crusaders

Shounak Sengupta

6th, Feb, 2018
Kappa and his Akramaks side took a convincing victory over the struggling Crusaders to start their second half of the campaign on a good note. Remstar and his boys are in a really tough spot at the moment and each loss sets them so far back that at a certain point it might be hard to make a comeback.
The Akramaks won both Tekken and Real Cricket as the Crusaders are yet to register a single win in Tekken. They have a single win in Real Cricket and need to step up their game in these two titles to have a fighting chance.
Experience and Confidence
The Akramaks picked up their second win on the trot with a dominating performance against the Crusaders. The match ended in a 16-6 scoreline, a one-sided game going the way of the Akramaks on cache. The CT side on cache has been a point of concern for teams at U Cypher, but the Akramaks showed no fear, racing away to a 13-2 score. The T side setup from the Crusaders was very basic, to say the least, and had 0 innovation. They played extremely passive, just throwing away utility for the most part without committing.
The trio of Manan, Mithil and sMx shut down the Terrorists with grace, confidence and minimum effort as their years of experience allowed them to cruise through the first half. With 13 rounds on the board, it was too much of an ask for the already demoralized Crusaders to make a comeback and Akramaks were in no mood to entertain either.
Akramaks still unable to get the ball rolling in Dota

The Akramaks squad have started putting points on the board but one title where they are lacking by a lot has been Dota. Yesterday's match was another reminder of just how far his squad are as Remstar and the Crusaders picked up their only points of the day. Invincible was put on the carry position as Remstar himself took the Mirana to the mid lane. He did not have the best time in lane against the Tinker, but the Crusaders knew that they were playing for the mid-game. With a Ravage online, the Akramaks were afraid to commit, always being on the losing side especially when it came to trades.
A bad Roshan attempt by the Akramaks at around the 30-minute mark put the ball in the Crusader's court as they picked up 3 kills and an Aegis. They used the Aegis to build a solid 7k lead before taking an Aegis themselves and going high ground. Their first attempt with 2 Ravages was not the one they’d hoped for as they lost the Aegis and only got the 2 supports in return. But a good old fake back caught the Akramaks by surprise as they lost their carry and all 3 sets of barracks and effectively the game. A solid performance from Bakemono on the Earth Spirit and Senjinn on the Rubik as both the supports played a massive role in helping the Crusaders take the win.
However, the Crusaders are still struggling at the bottom of the table while the Akramaks leapfrogged the Yodhas to move up to the number 4 position.


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