Akramaks take the lead after a solid performance against Crusaders

Shounak Sengupta

22o, Jan, 2018
Akramaks delivered a sound message to the rest of the teams at U Cypher, beating them convincingly and taking the pole position in the tables. While it was the first game for both teams for the season, Akramaks impressed while Remstar’s Crusaders have a long road ahead of them if they wish to challenge for the title this season. 
Akramaks won both Real Cricket and Tekken, netting 6 valuable points in the league table. Let’s take a look at what happened in Dota 2 and CS: GO.
 Akramaks edge past the Crusaders on Inferno
The Counter-Strike match was a close one, going to 30 rounds before the Akramaks closed it out at 16-14. As expected, both Manan and Mithil stepped up for the Akramaks delivering solid performances whereas a similar playmaker seemed to be absent from the Crusaders. While Krissh and co made it super close, they simply lacked the finishing required to close out the game as the Akramaks took the win.
Remstar salvages 5 points for the Crusaders
Remstar showed that he has lost none of his carry potential, delivering a solid performance and guiding his team to a victory. His carry Spectre was seen sporting a MoM and took part in early to mid game fights, which eventually worked out for them as they took down the Akramaks pretty convincingly. On the other side, the Akramaks had a much greedier lineup with Alchemist, Weaver and Underlord, 3 heroes who require a buttload of items. Remstar’s build along with the Ember’s mid-game magic damage, allowed the Crusaders to fight frequently and effectively allowing them to build a lead that was game-winning.
While the Crusaders managed to get points on the board, it was the Akramaks who netted 11 points to secure top spot in the first set of games at U Cypher.
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