?Akramaks punch their ticket to the playoffs

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Feb, 2018
The Akramaks and the Yodhas came into the match with high hopes and a victory for either one would be enough to secure qualification into the playoffs. The task was slightly more difficult for the Yodhas though, who would need 3 extra points just to secure the tie.
The Akramaks took a solid lead in the start with wins in both Tekken and Real Cricket, leaving the Yodhas with a steep mountain to climb.
Akramaks in top shape in Counter-Strike
The Akramaks have improved in leaps and bounds in Counter Strike since the start of the season and are the most formidable team in the genre with 8 wins to their name. Their combination of experience and raw talent has been very hard for teams to deal with and with the form that Manan and Mithilf are in, it certainly seems like it’s going to stay that way.
As usual the team stepped up. Taking a 16-13 victory in cache. The first half was close with just a round separating the two teams but the Akramaks really came into their own on the T side. Despite them losing the pistol, they kept a good grasp of the economy, being able to buy almost every round after the initial setback. The Yodhas were in no way ready for that sort of attack and despite going till 13 rounds, eventually ran out of breath.
Yodhas bow out with a win in Dota
By the time the Dota match was up, the Yodhas had already been knocked out, however, they pulled out some solid stuff to walk away with their heads held high. The Akramaks have been abysmally bad when it comes to Dota and this was no different as they got completely destroyed by the Yodhas. The Akramaks, were outclassed, outwitted, outlaned and outmatched in every aspect of the game, as the Yodhas forced out a 33 minute gg with a Spectre, Pudge and Mirana to carry them home.
With this the Akramaks move onto the playoff stages while the Yodhas have been relegated. 


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