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Vignesh Raghuram

9th, Aug, 2018

With just 7 days for TI to kick off and rev up to hyper-speed, we’re all quite excited. After all, this is the tournament around which the entire competitive Dota 2 circuit is built upon. We’ve written quite a number of articles, and made a few videos revolving around the biggest Dota 2 event of the year.

It might be quite difficult to keep track of everything, so here’s a brief amalgamation of everything TI8:



Start Date

15th August 2018

End Date

25th August 2018


LAN Event


$23 Million+


Vancouver, Canada

Number of Teams




Reliving the Past TIs


“If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree. ”

? Michael Crichton

So here are brief rundowns of all the 7 previous TIs:


Road to The International 8 for SEA Teams




Who will be bringing you live coverage of the event??



Did not follow the season? Not up to date with the memes and storylines? Here’s a quick fix to that… Presenting ‘The Dummy's Guide to TI8’ - The one stop shop for all things TI that’ll make you seem like the smartest guy at your TI8 viewing party


Speaking of making you seem like the smartest guy, what better way to do that, than getting almost everything right in your compendium predictions. Here’s our guide on how to approach TI8 predictions with our predictions as well.


But TI is not just about the competition of them all isn’t it? There several other small parts that makes TI memorable: The All Star games, The Slacks-kaci segments, The Cosplay competition, etc. But one of the most awaited competitions at TI8 is the Short Film Contest.

Here’s a compilation of the best Short Films submitted for consideration:


And finally here's our Ultimate hype video, if you wanna get the adrenaline rolling before TI8 kicks off




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