ADAM / 343 returns to Fnatic

Vignesh Raghuram

9o, Nov, 2017
After a very brief stint of two months, Adam "Adam/343" Shah has left Fire Dragoon to rejoin Team Fnatic, the organization announced today.

Fire Dragoon has also announced that two other players Deth and Syeonix would be leaving their roster as they were trimming it down from 7 players to 5. One of Malaysia’s brightest offlane prospects KanG will be joining the organization to complete the roster.
Thus their final roster is:
1. Lai Jay 'Ah Jit' Son
2. Hiew Teck 'AlaCrity' Yoong
3. Raphael C. 'KanG' S. Khong
4. Yang 'yang' Liang Ying
5. Jian Zhe 'BrayaNt' Pang

Since Fnatic have not posted any statement on Adam’s recruitment, we can only speculate on what this means for the Fnatic roster.
Adam might be joining Fnatic in a coaching capacity. With him having previously coached Complexity and Mineski, this is the most likely scenario.
But the more exciting one is if he is joining Fnatic as a player. If he joins Fnatic as a player, he probably will replace PieLieDie in the 5 position support role. Which also might lead to EternalEnvy leaving the team as EE and PLD are considered to be a package deal. This opens up possibilities for the acquisition of Abed who was recently dropped from Digital Chaos.

There are plenty of possibilities, but whatever happens, we can only hope that Adam’s influence can push Fnatic to the forefront of SEA Dota as Mineski desperately need some challengers in the local scene.