A new Dota 2 Hero - KANNA?

Vignesh Raghuram

5th, Aug, 2018

Image Credits: henri_sparkle

With TI8 approaching, many are nonchalant or neutral about the prospect of a new hero launching at the event. But some of us are really excited about it, given that it’s been a year since the two newest heroes, Pangolier and Dark Willow launched.

Notice how two heroes launched simultaneously? This leads us to speculate about whether another hero might release alongside Mazzie. The two front-runners for that spot are Kanna and Mars, but since there is a tiny bit more material describing the lore and origins of Kanna, we decided to focus our speculations on her.


Facts we know about Kanna
  • Kanna looks like a mysterious horned character with a demon-like appearance.

  • From the picture, we can see that she has the Appearance of a Radiant Creep, but has a Dire Tower tattooed on her arm.

  • She is also sitting in front of the Dire Ancient in that particular portrait.

  • Kanna can also be seen in Axe’s Berserker's Call card from Artifact. There she can be seen leading the Dire troops against Axe, which is interesting considering that Axe is a Dire hero himself.

    Image Credits: PCGamers

  • Kanna is also referenced by Juggernaut in his Arcana Voice pack where he asks Phantom Lancer: "Azwraith, you haven't heard any rumors of Kanna's return have you?"


The ILEXA = Kanna Theory

Some fans in the Dota 2 community have pointed out that this wasn’t the first time a Creep-like being has been featured heavily in Dota 2. They pointed towards the “A NEW JOURNEY - COMIC” where a little girl ‘ILEXA’ is featured as a fan of the Monkey King.


We’ll admit that there are plenty of similarities between ILEXA and Kanna, but we simply don’t think the girl in that Portrait is ILEXA. Kanna has far bigger horns, and her overall design simply doesn’t resemble the ILEXA of old. Of course, things might have changed in the duration between ILEXA spotting Sun Wukong and the Battle of the Ancients beginning.

However we feel like there is a better explanation, just take a look at this picture of Artifact’s announcement.


Take a Closer Look.

Doesn’t this character bear more of a resemblance to the ILEXA in the “LEGENDS OF THE MONKEY KING - COMIC”? (The similar colors and costumes)


So who is Kanna?


But then, who is Kanna? And where did she originate from? Looking at the facts, we believe that there is very little info to make a concrete statement on who Kanna actually is.

All we know is that she disappeared for a while, and has returned to partake in the Battle of the Ancients. She is very fond of the Dire (even tattooing Dire symbols on herself) despite bearing a Radiant like appearance. Is she a traitor? Or is this simply Dota 2’s way of addressing Immigration concerns?

We’ll find out, soon enough when Artifact comes out!! Or perhaps even sooner when The International 8 commences.


Credits to AngerMania Productions for a helping me out with the lore.


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