A Hilarious Take on the Indian Esports Scene

Nishant Patel

3rd, Jan, 2016
Indian eSports has witnessed an all encompassing growth surge in since 2013, one that spans across tournaments, players, teams, sponsorships, content creators and commentators.

However this growth pales in comparision to what's taking place on a global scale - prize pools in excess of $18 million, the rise of Philippines Dota with Mineski qualifying for the Frankfurt Majors, a boy from Pakistan (Sumail) defying the odds to join a top tier professional team and many more such developments.

This has prompted a community member who goes by the alias 'Noob Gamer' to put together his thoughts on the matter through a pretty hilarious video.

In the video he (or rather a text to speech version of him) talks about a variety of topics ranging from eSports being the future, to the lack of initiative by a section of Indian gamers that are quick to point the finger when a well meant attempt goes wrong. The video concludes with instructions on hosting a basic tournament.

The video got a chuckle out of us and is definitely worth a watch! Viewer discretion is advised as the video contains foul language.


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