8 Pro Dota Records that are virtually unbeatable

Vignesh Raghuram

6th, Apr, 2018
In the ongoing Dota 2 Asia Championships tournament, Mushi achieved a GPM of 983 on his Anti Mage and Paparazi had a flawless game with a KDA of 31. While both numbers are impressive, neither statistic is anywhere near being an all-time record.

The most unbreakable records in Dota 2 history are going to be standing for a very long time. It's going to be extraordinarily tough for any team or player to challenge the numbers on this list, as all of them are downright staggering. But eventually, all records are meant to be broken. Or are they? Is there a record that's insurmountable? Let's take a look.
8. Most number of Last Hits

Back in August of 2017, at The International 7 Group Stages, we had one of the longest games ever in an epic brawl fest between Team Empire and Vega Squadron which lasted well over 2 hours (2:20:30 to be exact) which caused the casters to become kinda loony. On one hand, we had, Siractionslacks who started singing ballads, while on the other we had Tobiwan and Fogged running out of things to talk about.

A number of records were put up in that game, ALOHADANCE dealt 104.7k in Hero Damage while Silent became one of the most farmed Rubicks in pro Dota with a networth of 41k. But the most staggering of them all was Sergey Alexandrovich "G" Bragin’s 2,417 Last Hits, a good 350 CS ahead of the 2nd in line (Illidan with 2063).
7. Highest GPM in a Pro Game

Well, Last Hits can be achieved provided you play a long enough game. Achieving a GPM record, however, needs a lot more. Efficiency, last hit proficiency and the right hero (*cough* Alchemist *cough*) all come into play.

Currently, Song "Sccc" Chun holds the record with a whopping 1,285 GPM achieved in the WCA 2016 – Season 3 LAN with a stunning Alchemist performance in a game lasting 46:02.

However, this record is perhaps the easiest one to break amongst of all of the records in the list. Several including Paparazzi, Op, and SumaiL have come close. With farming efficiency always on an upward trajectory, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that the next Alchemist buff would see this record be broken.
6. Flawless Victory – (Highest KDA with 0 Deaths)

Finally, a record held by an SEA player. Flawless victories are not that rare, every other game in a series, the carry or mid of the superior team goes Godlike, Beyond Godlike with 0 Deaths. That, in itself, isn’t hard to achieve. But what is hard is maintaining a flawless record in a 41 minute game against an enemy team with a Naga-Jakiro catch.

That is exactly what Cheng "FzFz" Hor Siew achieved in the MPGL Gigabyte 2014 Finals playing alongside Mushi, against MVP HOTSIX. On an Invoker he put up a 26/0/19 KDA playing a flawless game and setting a record that has stood for over 3 years now.
5. Most kills in a Single Game

Illidan has always been one of the most underrated carries in the CIS scene for quite a while. But his name is currently etched in history thanks to a phenomenal Anti Mage performance against Cloud 9. The two teams fought at every chance they could, but VP.Polar funneled most of their kills onto Ilya "Illidan" Pivcaev and his Anti-Mage. He averaged 0.35 kills a minute and also broke the then - held record for most last hits in a single game (it has since been broken) thus carrying his team through the most brutal game they had ever played!

He picked up a record-breaking 44 kills. No one else on his team even got close. The team enabled him, with Lil and Mag picking up 50 assists between them just for setting it up and letting Illidan knock it down.

Fun Fact: Cloud9 went on to forfeit the rest of their games in the tournament after losing this match.
4. Longest Game Ever

Speaking of Cloud 9, there are few things in esports that are more nerve racking than being a Cloud 9 fan. The throws, the comebacks, yeah only those with strong hearts survived that phase. We had a ton of epic games, clown fiestas, etc. But no other game could catch the essence of Cloud 9 better than the 200 minute (3 hours, 20 minutes) long brawl fest against ScaryFaceZ.

The obscene duration of the game caused several map glitches: all the heroes caught fire, a white fountain spawned in the middle of the Radiant base, and several weird glows could be seen all around the map. The two casters Kevin 'Purge' Godec and Owen 'ODPixel' Davies resorted to using soundboards to make the team fights that much more epic. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that this was the game that introduced ODPixel's genius to the Dota 2 community.

Eventually, the players and casters started chatting in-game while posting their experiences on Twitter, after which Cloud 9 decided enough was enough and threw bodies at the Radiant throne in an attempt to end the game, they died and were forced to GG out as SFZ finally took down Cloud 9’s throne.
3. Deadliest Player-Hero Combo

Having players who are so well versed in a hero, that the enemies are forced to commit a respect ban to it even when it is out of the meta can be a huge advantage for a team. If that particular player has 157 wins on that hero (72.69% winrate) then it’s a no-brainer really. But teams just didn't do that against Akke’s Chen. (Instead, they focussed on banning AdmiralBulldog's hero puddle)

Alliance’s dominance in 2013-2014 can be traced back to Akke’s dominance on Chen. While AdmiralBulldog and EGM too had similar Player-Hero combinations, it is Akke’s Chen that has the most wins on record and we just don’t see any other player going past it.
2. 29 Match Win Streak

Newbee came into the post-Shanghai major looking like a decent team, full of veterans but all of ‘em past their prime. No one batted an eye when they added kpii, then a complete newbie (heh) to the Chinese scene, to their lineup in March of 2016. And they didn’t need to, that Newbee roster didn’t even manage to qualify for the WCA 2016 (Losing in the Chinese qualifiers). But then came a win streak, the longest win streak in the history of Pro Dota. Newbee strung together a staggering 29-Match winstreak beating teams from every single region.

No one seemed to be able to stand against the sheer brilliance of Hao, kaka, and Co. who executed every single draft to perfection and kept on racking up the wins which lead them to win the H-Cup Season 5, 6 as well as the Manila Major: Chinese Qualifier, Epicenter 2016: Wildcard as well as a runner-up finish in the Epicenter 2016.
1. Most number of Heroes played by a Single Player

Amongst all the entries in this list, I think this is the record that will most likely never be broken by anyone else and hence is on the top of this list. Kuro “Kuroky” Salehi Takhasomi has played 110 unique heroes in his storied 1601 game career spanning well over 7 years (More if you count Dota 1).

Carry, Mid, Offlane, 4 position Support, 5 position Support; you name it, he’s played it. The current Team Liquid captain took 7 years to win the International. In the chase for the Aegis he has played in a variety of roles which has allowed him to amass this massive figure and become one of the G.O.A.Ts of Dota 2.

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