7.20c released with a ton of new balance fixes

Vignesh Raghuram

25th, Nov, 2018

On the eve of the Regional Qualifiers of the Chongqing major, Valve has decided to tweak the meta once again with the addition of 7.20c. The second patch to hit Dota 2 following the big update of 7.20 sees a whole host of changes to heroes and items, balancing out the metagame which is slightly skewed towards one or two overpowered heroes.


New Cinder Mechanic reworked

When Cinder was introduced in the 7.20 patch, a few Dota 2 fans were worried about Valve/Icefrog forcing particular combos and forcing the meta to a particular direction instead of the much more natural evolution each patch undergoes.

Those concerns would have been resolved after Valve completely reworked the mechanic making it triggerable by almost every hero in the game, rather than a very niche set of fire-based heroes.

Cinder Brew activation mechanic has been reworked. It now ignites anytime a target is dealt 80 spell damage or more, dealing 20/25/30/35 DPS for 3 seconds. (If you activate it while the debuff is already going, it will extend the ignite debuff duration. If activated after the ignite debuff wears out, a new ignite debuff will be added)




Meepo, Slark, and Luna get hit with the nerf hammer


With every other game featuring Slark, Meepo and Luna who all have ridiculous winrates in Divine/Immortal pubs, Icefrog has finally decided to hit them with a few nerfs to slow down their progression into the late game with a few tweaks. While the tweaks might seem quite Minor, the patch has already had an immediate effect on the heroes, as all of their winrates had a noticeable dip after the patch was released.


Drow Ranger and Outworld Devourer get much needed Buffs


While both heroes did receive buffs in the 7.20b patch, they still have quite an abysmal winrate in High MMR pubs and Pro Matches. Outworld Devourer can now farm Ancients and Roshan with his Arcane Orbs improving his farming ability by a little bit and allowing him to actually contribute a lot more in the Roshan Pit.

Drow Ranger, on the other hand just received a buff that might actually make her a bit too strong with the addition of 40% chance to proc 120 extra damage in Level 6. Coupled with the Attack Speed changes of 7.20, she now hits like a Truck in the early-mid game stages, making it very easy to secure towers and objectives while giving her an easy win condition.

You can read the full patch notes HERE


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