6 teams remain after 6 days of the Supermajor

Shounak Sengupta

8th, Jun, 2018

*Cover Image source: @PWRDS_DOTA2

SEA’s last hope TNC, found themselves on the receiving end of a 2-0 thanks to OpTic Gaming effectively taking away whatever little chances they had of getting a direct invite to TI8. Elsewhere, TI7 finalists, Newbee also found themselves eliminated while Team Liquid and PSG.LGD moved onto the winners bracket finals.


Liquid show Secret no mercy


Team Secret were left rattled by Team Liquid’s playstyle and their drafts as a sub 60 minute 2-0 made them look like the lesser team. Liquid were very much prepared for Ace’s LD as they grouped up early and never allowed Secret any space. They had the DP to take teamfights and the Nago song as well as Mirana ultimate to bail them out if things went wrong. Despite FATA’s Brewmaster pick, Liquid simply dominated the teamfights and found easy objectives. In the end Secret’s draft was way too greedy to fight in the mid game and Liquid were able to take advantage as force a 30-minute gg.


Game 2 was the Miracle show as his Tinker simply dominated the entire game. Here’s a quick summary to show you how the game went.


Fy’s Wisp holds off Virtus.pro


This was the matchup that everyone was excited about but VP’s overconfidence got the best of them. FY’s Wisp was something the CIS team were not prepared for and seemed to have an impact in both the games. LGD’s Wisp + BS combination was pretty effective in both games as VP were made to look like the inferior team. The DPC leaders despite having their signature heroes fell apart and will need to look at the replay if they are to have a chance against LGD next time.


TNC unable to handle PPD’s draft


Former TI winner Peter ‘PPD’ Dager showed just why he is still regarded as one of Dota’s top drafters to this day as OpTic demolished TNC in a crucial matchup. The loss eliminates TNC from the running for a direct invite for TI8 and puts OpTic just one series away from making it. Zai used his Chen masterfully, sending back Doomed heroes back to base time and again as OpTic seemed to come out on top of teamfights everytime. By thirty minutes, OpTic had an 8k lead and all the items required to challenge TNC’s base. CCnC’s BS and Pajkatt’s Lifestealer, both augmented by the Inner Beast aura, had no trouble running down TNC’s heroes and a 36 minute gg was called.


In game 2, TNC found themselves pitted against aa strategy that they were infamous for using - a last pick Huskar. CCnC not only won his lane pretty convincingly against Armel’s Ember Spirit but ended up being the hero that TNC never really had an answer to. By 20 minutes, the NA side were diving the base and CCnC found a triple rampage forcing TNC to call the game.


VG come out on top in the Chinese showdown


It was a good day for the Bloodseeker as VG were the third team to use it successfully and get the win against Newbee. Not only did he render Sccc’s Storm useless in the laning stage, but eventually ended up getting 14 kills as VG forced a 41-minute gg from Newbee who were playing from behind for the most part.


Game 2 was closer with the teams swapping heroes and Sccc handling the BS while Ori took the Storm Spirit. However Sccc had to go through eleven’s Underlord this time which was a pretty hard task. This allowed Paparazzi’s PL space and time to become the late game beast that he needed to be and win the game for his side.



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