5 reasons why you should not be missing DAC 2017

Shounak Sengupta

31o, Mar, 2017
Got plans for the weekend?  …….. It’s best that you cancel. The DAC main event kicks off tomorrow and it’s bound to be some of the best doto you’ve ever seen. So beat the summer heat by kicking back, switching on the air conditioner and treating yourself to some top tier action. In case you aren’t fully convinced, here are some reasons as to why you should be in front of your screen for the next few days.
1.The Real OG

 OG has consistently been the best team for a while now, and with 3 Valve titles under their belt in just a year’s time, the dream is as green as ever. They had a stellar showing in the group stages, dropping just one game to VG.J. While they don’t have the flashiest players, their overall approach, drafting style and strategical supremacy makes OG dota, really impressive to watch. If you’re a fan of Visage, be sure to tune in, cause currently OG are the only team who are finding success with it. There’s also J-god aka Jerax who is currently the best number 4 in the game right now. Also watch out for Bigdaddy’s Terrorblade because he has been absolutely smashing with the hero.
2.Respawn Timer …  What’s that?
A hero that seems to be a hit with the meta currently is Lina. DAC 2017 has done for Lina, what DAC 2015 managed to do for Sumail. It has brought the hero from the depths of hell to a tier one pick/ban. The -30s respawn reduction at level 10 is suddenly too hard to ignore and with most core Lina’s rushing Bloodstone, the quick respawns have become a major factor in strategy. Many Lina’s are not shying away from sacrificing themselves for the aoe heal because they know that they can join almost instantly if they have a BoT’s to go along. We also saw a decent amount of support Lina and it’s safe to say that the hero is back.  Lina is currently enjoying a stunning 77% win rate at DAC.
3.Sitting pretty atop the trees
The latest addition to captain’s mode, Wu Kong or Monkey has been an instant hit and the highest picked hero at DAC. Players like Invictus Gaming’s boboka have truly showed how the hero is meant to be played, running him in the 4 position and have found loads of success. The hero’s natural elusiveness and ganking potential makes him an ideal hero for the likes of Jerax, Zai who are also known to shine in that role. The hero is pretty fun to watch and has produced some highlight worthy moments as well. He’s bound to get a lot of exposure in the main event as well.
4.The Artist
EE sama has been bestowed the nick name ‘The Artist’ by Chinese fans due to his unorthodox playstyle, questionable decision making and tendency to try to do too much and fail miserably. His presence on the Chinese main stage will surely grab eyeballs as Jacky Mao attempts to woo the Chinese fans with Team NP. The group stages saw no shortage of EE’s artistry as he lived up to his name, with memorable plays that are all meme  worthy. Be it his insane 4 man mana void, or his blademail, midas, lotus rush on medusa, nothing sums up the artist quite like this clip.
5.A pinch of salt makes the recipe a hit
TI winning captain and EG CEO, Peter ‘ppd’ Dager was a part of the panel in the group stages, and boy are we glad. The king of salt brought his unfiltered no holds barred attitude to the desk, and his raw uncut personality soon became reddit’s new love affair. Loads of insight, some very interesting nuggets of information that only someone like ppd can know and tons of experience is what ppd brings to the desk, apart from his usual banter. GIFF MOAR PPD!!!
Games go live from 7 30 am IST on Saturday so get a good night’s rest, wake up early and gear up for some intense doto coming your way.