2ez Gaming upholds the spirit of the game after ESL India decision

Shounak Sengupta

6o, Apr, 2018

The ESL India Premiership kicked off recently and the first match of the season turned out to be extremely close. During the match, Entity Gaming took the series 16-13, but soon after a statement released by ESL India, reversed the scores.

The statement talked about how ETG’s coach, who is also a  part of SoStronk, was in the server at the time of the match, which in fact is not allowed according to the rulebook. In fact, the 2ez coach had also requested to be in the server but had been explicitly told that it was against the rules. Aequitas, being a member of SoStronk, who are providing servers for the event had an admin account by default and was able to join the server.

ESL India maintained that this was in fact an error of judgement by Aequitas rather than him having any malicious intent but in the interest of fair play, they reversed the scores to allow 2ez the win.

Soon after 2ez Gaming released a statement wherein they were supportive of the fact that it was a genuine mistake coming out of Aequitas and the ETG team. Furthermore, they requested that the decision to reverse the scores be overturned as ETG had won the match and not them. For the sake of fair play they were even willing to have a rematch.

Quite a sporty reaction by them as it was clear that the squad did not want a free win. It shows that teams are indeed maturing and trying to uphold the spirit of the game even when points and qualification are at stake. This set of events, especially in the beginning of the season, sets a good precedent for the rest of the teams who are competing in the tournament as well.

The decision made by the ESL admins will not be reversed but both ETG and 2ez have been accepting of the rules. A story that could have turned ugly, especially with some of the unprofessional behaviour that orgs and players have shown in the past but was handled exceptionally well by all the parties involved. Kudos to everyone involved.