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Vexana ML (Mobile Legends) High Win Rate Item and Emblem Build


Vexana is one of the recently revamped heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).

The hero builds items that allow her to penetrate magic resistant heroes.

For the Emblems, it is advisable to select Magic Worship to increase his overall DPS (Damage Per Seconds).

For the items, focus on securing an Enchanted Talisman first before building magic penetration items.

If dealing against high sustain heroes like Estes and Angela, you can purchase a Necklace of Durance.

If needed, buy a Winter Truncheon to help you survive team fights.

Vexana currently has a 50% win rate in Legend and above rank with 0.65% ban rate, making her a perfect hero to master as few people consider her a threat.