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Former TNC Pro Team MLBB Coach Vren Joins Indonesian Team Bigetron Alpha

Vrendon "Vren" Lin started his career as a former coach of the amateur team Cerebrum Pro.

Coach Vren was then acquired by TNC Pro Team for MPL PH Season 9.


Despite being diagnosed with Tuberculosis, Coach Vren persevered with his drafting tactics and ideas.


Under his guidance, TNC Pro Team made it to the playoffs before being eliminated by Omega Esports.

After the Season 9 run, Coach Vren was then released by TNC Pro Team, following which he has joined Bigetron

Coach Vren will continue his coaching career in the MPL ID Season 10 under Bigetron Alpha.

Bigetron Alpha now has two talents from the Philippines- Coach Vren and Gold Laner Markyyyyy.