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Clash of Clans Warrior Champion & Happy New Year 2023 Challenge Explained


Clash of Clans introduced the Warrior Champion skin as a part of its January 2023 Gold Pass.

The Warrior Hero Skins have always been a huge hit among the community.

With this release, Supercell has completed the set of Warrior Hero Skins: Warrior King, Queen, and Warden skins and finally, now Warrior Champion. 

In her latest look, the Royale Champion is dressed as an ancient warrior and wields a spear and a shield.

The bad news is that this new skin is only available for those who pay for the Gold Pass in Clash of Clans.

The Happy New Year 2023 challenge features an event base and players need to destroy it completely to get 3 stars and receive the event rewards.

When the base is destroyed, players will receive 400 EXP points and one Builder Potion as event rewards.