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League of Legends: T1 Faker vs DK Showmaker Stats in 2022 (LCK)

All the data mentioned are sourced from LCK player rankings and stats for T1 Faker and Damwon Kia (DK) Showmaker


Solo Kills: Both T1 Faker and DK Showmaker have five solo kills

Total Kills: The T1 player has 61 and Showmaker has 41

Assists: T1 Faker has 96 assists and DK Showmaker has 69

Faker’s most played champion (18 games) is Akali and he has a 16.67% win rate on her. 


Showmaker’s most played champion is LeBlanc (12 games) and he has a win rate of 25%


According to Factor’s ranking system, Faker’s Power Index is 51.00 while Showmaker’s is 52.56.