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Get “Aimbot” On Your Controller With Extesy's Apex Legends Settings


Extesy, who is one of the best controller players in Apex Legends, revealed his settings that can enhance your aim.


You want to head to Apex Legends and go to your Settings menu. Head to Controller and then open up the Advanced Look Controls menu.


Here are the settings that you need to use:

  • Yaw Speed: 500

  • Pitch Speed: 500

  • Turning Extra Yaw: 0

  • Turning Extra Pitch: 0

  • Turning Ramp-Up Time: 0%

  • Turning Ramp-Up Delay: 0%

  • ADS Yaw Speed: 0

  • ADS Pitch Speed: 0

  • ADS Turning Extra Yaw: 250

  • ADS Turning Extra Pitch: 250

  • ADS Turning Ramp-Up Time: 0%

  • ADS Turning Ramp-Up Delay: 0%


Extesy demonstrated that you will be able to look around very fast but as soon as you aim at a target, your crosshair slows down and allows you to beam opponents at close range with maximum consistency.