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Best Overwatch 2 Heroes in Season One

1. D.Va is one of the strongest tanks in the game right now with an upgraded Defense Matrix and much higher health pool in Overwatch 2.

2. Zarya has an extra bubble in her kit that gives her more survivability and higher energy levels.

3. Genji is one of the best flankers in the game thanks to the new DPS passive giving him even better mobility.

4. Sombra deals much more damage in Overwatch 2 thanks to infinite invisibility and damage boost upon hacking.

5. Sojourn excels in both consistent and burst damage with her rail gun capable of melting enemies in sight.

6. Kirko offers a mix of offensive buffs and survivability with her flexible kit, making her one of the best healers in the game.

7. Lucio continues to dominate the meta thanks to his Speed Boost capable of setting up offensive plays and rotations in coordinated teams.