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“We Will Qualify For TI11, One Way or The Other,” Says Quinn in Soniqs’ Arlington Major Vlog


Quincy Crew were picked up by American organization Soniqs’ prior to the Arlington Major.

However, its underwhelming performance during the Arlington Major caused them to be eliminated in the group stages.


“I would like to play to the best of my ability and be comfortable with how things are, as this is our first LAN together as a team and my first LAN since COVID-19." said Quinn.


The team then talked about its journey at the Major as the team was eliminated after having an abysmal performance in its group stage.

“The thing is, I really wasn’t coming into the tournament with too much expectations but I definitely thought we would at least make it out of groups." said MSS.

After Soniqs’ were eliminated from the Major, the team talked about its plans for the upcoming TI11 NA Qualifiers as it hopes to qualify for TI11.

“I think it is extremely likely that we will qualify for TI11, one way or the other but that would depend on whether we get a direct invitation through the NA Qualifiers or Last Chance Qualifier.