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Top 7 Heroes To Be Used in Dota 2's Diretide Event


Spectre is currently the number one in the list as one of the heroes with the highest win rate in Diretide with a 61.2% win rate due to his Haunt global ability.


Vengeful Spirit is second on the list, as players are maximizing her Aghanim's Specter upgrade.

Lifestealer is also highly rated by players, as his Infest ultimate ability is useful during teamfights.

Wraith King, despite being 4th on the list is also highly rated by players in Diretide due to his Aghanim's Specter upgrade which is advantageous in the Diretide game mode.


Silencer is also picked by many during Diretide, as the hero currently has a 56.9% win rate according to Stratz.

Underlord's Pit of Malice ability allows him to have a significant advantage in Diretide, as the hero currently has a 56.1% win rate.

To round up the list, Abbadon's defensive abilities allows him to survive teamfights long enoung to turn things around in Diretide as he has 56.4% win rate.