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The Lina Build That Helped 23savage Get 13K MMR

Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon recently made headlines as he became the first person to ever reached the fabled 13K MMR milestone.


One of his preferred heroes while trying to hit the milestone was Lina, with an all new item build.

While Lina is mostly well-known for her magical damage abilities, 23savage prefers to use her as a physical based carry.

Based on Dotabuff, 23savage prefers to build Falcon Blade on Lina first. Followed by Maelstorm, Boots of Travel, Silver Edge and Black King Bar for spell immunity during teamfights.

In terms of skill build, 23savage tends to max out her passive, Fiery Soul first as it gives bonus attack & move speed. However, it is worth noting that he tends to not level up her 1st skill.


As for talent tree upgrades, 23savage prefers the first two talents on the right due to him focusing on physical damage. However, in longer games he'll pick the two talents on the left.