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Most Played Dota 2 Heroes In November 2022

The data is based on Dotabuff as of 18th November 2022. These are the heroes that are being played the most in Dota 2 during this month alone.


Pudge takes the top spot on the list, as he was played a whopping 5,436,851 times by players according to Dotabuff.

Shadow Fiend continues to be a popular pick by carries and mid laners alike as he was picked 4,461,360 times so far.

Sniper continues to be favored by players, as the hero was picked a whooping 4,419,895 times in November.

Juggernaut continues to be a fan favorite amongst carry players for his flexible builds as well as abilities. The hero has been played an enormous 4,352,981 times in November so far.

While Phantom Assassin has a lower win-rate in November, the hero was picked 3,913,828 times so far.


Drow Ranger closes out the list at number six, as Traxex was picked 3,696,169 times by the community while also boasting a great win-rate percentage in November.