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EternaLEnVy Forgot a Crucial Item During A Ranked Game

Retired NA legandary carry Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao recently started to grind a lot of ranked matches during New Years Eve.


However, despite his impressive win rate many were left baffled by EE-sama's latest game with Lina.

While the hero was mainly played by midlaners, many players recently decided to play Lina in the safelane role due to her versatile builds.

EE-sama dominated the early stages of the game with his physical damage build on Lina.

However, EE's teammate in the game and current nouns midlaner Nicolas "Gunnar" Lopez decided to funnily confront EternaLEnVy about him not buying any form of Boots after 20 minutes.


Realizing his mistake after Gunnar called him out, he told the midlaner that he actually forgot to buy Boots despite noticing a slight different in his movement speed.

While he bought the boots after Gunnar called him out, he eventually sold his brown boots to get a Refresher Orb later. EE-sama ended up winning the match without any Boots for most of the match.