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Dota 2 Streamer Takes BM Pause To A New Level

BM, or bad manner plays can rarely been seen in official esports matches. However, it can often be seen as a normal occurrence in casual play regardless of title.

However, popular Russian Dota 2 livestreamer Rostik recently took the BM plays to a whole new level.


Playing as Shadow Fiend, Rostik executed what appeared to be a normal Eul's & Requiem of Souls combo. However, there was a twist.

Instead of killing his enemy on the spot, he decided to pause the game and taunted his opponents on top of a chair live on camera while listening to EDM music. He ended up falling afterwards.

Many including Team Liquid streamer and former midlaner Max "qojqva" Bröcker laughed at the clip, while others criticized the player for ruining the game for those who actually wanting to play.