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Dota 2 Heroes With The Highest Win Rates in October


According to Dotabuff, Silencer has the highest win rate in October with a surprising 56.19% win rate overall.

While Riki was only picked twice at TI11 according to Liquipedia, the hero has a 54.57% win rate in Dota 2 pub matches.

While the hero was rarely picked by players at LAN events, Arc Warden seals the third spot on the list with a 54.45% win rate within the last month.

Visage was a crucial hero of TI champions Tundra Esports on its championship journey , as the hero had 54.42% win rate in the previous month alone.

Despite being unpicked at TI11, Clinkz became a heavily favored hero in pub matches as it had a 54.31% win rate. The skeleton archer is also the 5th hero with the highest win rate in October.

Drow Ranger became the sixth hero on the list, as Traxex had an impressive 54.29% win rate in October.


To round up the list, Spectre claims the final spot as the hero had a 53.88% win rate. The hero is also currently popular in Diretide.