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Dota 2 Heroes With The Highest Win Rates in November


Silencer continues to dominate in the Dota 2 public matches according to Dotabuff, as he currently has a whooping 56.05% win-rate percentage.

Despite the hero being nerfed in the latest patch, Visage still dominates the off-lane with his familiars by having an impressive 54.43% win rate.

Drow Ranger continues to be a favorite amongst carry players for her high damage output, as she holds an impressive 54.19% win rate.


Despite having only 9 appearances at TI11, Omniknight players had a great time playing him on matches. According to Dotabuff, the hero currently has a 53.33% win rate in November.

Naga Siren also managed to have a raise in her win rate percentage in November, as the hero had a decent 53.26% win rate.

Following a slight buff to her level 20 talents, off-laners return towards having Legion Commander into their hero pool. She currently has a decent 53.19% win rate.

Despite being constantly nerfed & buffed in different patches, Crystal Maiden continues to become a favorite amongst support players with an impressive 52.46% win rate.