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Arcana Items In Dota 2 - Part Two

Crystal Maiden's Frost Avalanche Arcana was released in conjunction with New Bloom Festival 2015. It was given to her by Winter Wyvern in the comic "The New Neighbors".


Zeus's Tempest Helm of the Thundergod Arcana was released as part of a strectch goal reward for the TI15 Compendium. The Arcana was given to him by Arc Warden in the Sundered Moon short comic.

Monkey King's Great Sage's Reckoning Arcana was released along with the hero in 2016 and was heavily inspired by the fairy tales of Sun Wukong.

Juggernaut's Bladeform Legacy Arcana was released following the hero's victory in the Arcana vote within TI6 Battle Pass. However the Origins style was added 2 days after its debut due to backlash.

While the hero placed second in the TI6 Arcana Vote, Io's Benevolent Companion Arcana was released a year after.

Pudge's Feast of Abscession Arcana was released in 2018, after the hero won the TI7 Arcana Vote. The alternative style requires the hero to defeat the enemy's Rubick in 12 different matches.

The Magus Cypher Arcana was made after Rubick won the TI8 Arcana Vote and by far the most unique arcana of all. The hero has over 80 different alternative animations for stolen spells.