Ways to Improve your Mid Lane Game

27th May, 2013


The mid lane in Dota 2 is one that can be won or lost through a multitude of factors including superior individual skill, rune control, a successful creep block and ofcourse a favourable hero matchup among others.

If you've recently started playing Dota 2 and enjoy running the mid solo role, the following pointers will help you improve your performance in the lane regardless of some of the above mentioned conventional factors :


Increase your mouse sensitivity : If you're a player that likes to run a low mouse sensitivity citing 'higher precision' as an excuse then it's time to change things up a bit.

In general, a higher sensitivity means a lower reaction time and quicker execution. This applies to almost all games including Dota 2.

In the mid lane, a higher sensitivity particularly aids during creep blocking. This applies even more so on the Dire side where the creep block can sometimes be disrupted by a stray mouse click on the HUD while panning the camera.


Use the shift button The shift button allows you to que actions one after the other. A common use of this is to shift+right click on a desired location while channeling a teleport scroll.

Despite knowing about the queing mechanic, a lot of mid players tend to overlook the fact that shift can also be used to que courier commands. 

A good way to put this to use would be while using the flying courier to refill the bottle. If you're using legacy hotkeys, transfer your empty bottle to the courier, then select the courier, and while holding shift, press 'E' (return to base), 'R' (speed burst) and shift + 'T' (transfer items).


Keep your eye on the clock In Dota 2, night time kicks in at 6 p.m. (6:00 on the in-game timer). Coincidentally (or not?) observer wards last only 6 minutes. This means that the first set of observer wards usually expires just as the first night begins.

These two factors coupled with the limited visibility on slopes and elsewhere at night time leaves the mid lane vulnerable to ganks.

This also allows you to execute ganks on the side lanes using your level advantage as a solo however since your opponents will more than likely be expecting this you might want to call a TP scroll on the courier to reduce execution time.


Know your Creep Equilibrium Without any creep blocking, Radiant and Dire creeps clash in the centre of the lane  about 20 seconds after spawning. A good way to guage where in the lane your opponents creep wave will be is to look at your own creep wave.

Keep this in mind the next time you think of diving your opponent for that Omnislash or Blink Shadowstrike.


Lastly, Keep CalmWinning the mid lane does not necessarily mean killing your opponent. Don't panic if you've been killed once.  Try and get as much out of the lane before rotating or calling for a rotation. Ensure that you're informing your teammates about your opponent's level progression and rune control to prevent him from snowballing out of control.

Don't succumb to tunnel vision by solely focussing on what's happening at mid. Check on the minimap consitently and listen to you're allies when they call missing.



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