The Intermediate Player's Guide to Competitive Dota 2 - Part 5

21st Jul, 2013


Part 5 - Neutrals, Items and Advantage


The Neutrals

The Neutrals are a rich source of gold and experience, that often go unused through most games. They are a great way to boost your economy, even if you cannot actively farm them.

Stacking hard/normal camps when in lane is a great way to make some quick money later on, and stacking ancients is something that should be done every single game.

Creep pulling is a very important technique early in the game, and is key to lane domination. Single pulling should never be done unless you wish to push the tower. Double pulling is best used when you wish to focus on denying your creep wave, as the simultaneous damage of two neutral camps will make quick work of your creep wave. Successively pulling your creep wave to both medium camps (Radiant) or to the medium and hard camp (Dire) is the optimal way to pull if you want to farm and deny the creep wave. Due to the new Observer ward count at the start of the game, dewarding wards that block your spawns is now very economical.

Triple or Quad (or above?!!) ancient stacks can provide your carry with a large burst of gold in a short amount of time, as such guarding them is often wise.



Items are items, and form a core aspect of the game. There isn't much to be said about individual items as everyone (who reads this, at least) should be familiar with all of them, when they should be purchased and how economical they are. The same exists in competitive games, though some items gain far more importance.

Critical team items such as Mekansm and Pipe of Insight are very important items for pushing and team fights. Little support items such as Urn of Shadows and Drums of Endurance truly shine there as well. Most hero builds still follow suit, though they should always be adapted to the situation at hand. Items such as Black King Bar, Scythe of Vyse, Force Staff and so on gain far more importance in organised play. As usual all heroes should pick up Magic Wand and Boots of Speed+. 



One of the keys to winning a game of Dota 2 is gaining an advantage over the enemy and keeping it, while they desperately try to gain a slice for themselves. Getting and maintaining this advantage is something easier said than done, but here are some little tips nonetheless:

Get defensive items, even if they are little ones. A support with a Wand, Bracer and Power Treads is far more tanky than the enemy support with just brown boots. Also, try to finish up items such as Mekansm and Pipe of Insight ASAP, having them up after you already outleveled and outfarmed the enemy makes losing fights much more difficult. Also, pick up major items such as Blink Dagger, Black King Bar and son, makes the enemy's life much harder.

Ward and deward offensively. If the enemy is on the backfoot buying sentries and observers hurts their supports even more, and might even force a higher priority hero to buy such items. Furthermore, an early Gem of Truesight goes a long way in netting you map control.

Compound your advantage further by taking down more towers or taking down Roshan. The important thing is to NOT over commit, almost all major comebacks are the result of the winning team over extending.

Push the base only when you have a very significant advantage, or are capable of winning a straight up fight. Over extensions while trying to push for barracks is an easy way to turn the game around. 


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Author - VolatileSeraph, member of Team FoE

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